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At Special Flange Services Ltd. we specialise in rapid response flange production.

ASME B16.5

SFS can supply the full ASME range of flanges, specialising in pressure range 600lb to 2500lb.


Flange Types: Weld neck, Blind, Socket Weld, Slip On, Screwed.


All Flange Faces available: RF, RTJ, Tongue & Groove, Small and Large Male and Female, etc. 


Material Grades available from stock: ASTM A105/ ASTM A350 LF2/ ASTM A694 F52/ ASTM A694 F60/ ASTM A694 F65 

ASME B16.47 Series A & B
Large Diameter Flanges

SFS holds stock of a wide range of semi-finished flanges and forgings.


Stock Range: 26" to 48" 150lb, 26" to 36" 300lb, and 26" to 36" 600lb


Material Grades available from stock: ASTM A105/ ASTM A350 LF2/ ASTM A694 F52

ASME B16.36
Orifice Flanges

At SFS we manufacture Orifice Flanges in accordance with ASME B16.36 and customer specific dimensions.


Stock Range: 2" 300lb to 24" 1500lb, 2" to 12" 2500lb


Material Grades available from stock: ASTM A105/ ASTM A350 LF2/ ASTM A694 F52

Spectacle Blinds, Spades & Spacers

In addition to standard dimensions SFS can produce in accordance with your specific design requirements.


Material Grades: Carbon, Stainless and Alloy Steel 


Dimensions: ASME B16.48/ API 590


Special Products From Forgings

At SFS we have considerable experience and proficiency in producing special items to our customers' requirements.


We can also produce swivel and anchor flanges, backed by design calculations where necessary.

Other Services

NDT, Welding, Shot-blasting, Galvanising, Painting and Packaging, etc.

Other Dimensional Standards and Materials Supplied
  • BS EN1092-1, BS 3293, BS 10, BS 4504, JIS B2220


  • Alloy Steel, Stainless and Duplex Steels

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